USHE Career and Technical Education: Helping to meet state workforce needs

Each year, the Utah System of Higher Education produces an annual report on Career and Technical Education. CTE can be defined as organized educational programs offering sequences of courses directly related to preparing individuals for paid or unpaid employment in current or emerging occupations requiring other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree.

CTE is a key ingredient in meeting the needs of Utah’s economy. USHE institutions offer CTE programs in all regions of the state, working closely with local business and industry leaders to develop and deliver programs specifically tailored to local workforce needs. Within USHE, CTE courses and programs are offered at Utah State University, Weber State University, Southern Utah University, Snow College, Dixie State University, Utah Valley University, and Salt Lake Community College.

During the 2018‐19 academic year, CTE courses comprised more than21% of the total undergraduate courses offered at USHE institutions and accounted for over 18% of undergraduate degrees and certificates awarded.

Highlights of the 2019 report:

  1. 1. 71,199 postsecondary students enrolled in USHE CTE courses in 2018-19. (Full-time equivalent enrollment totaled 17, 932.)
  2. 2. 6,142 CTE credentials were awarded to 5,437 distinct students by USHE institutions in 2018-19.
  3. 3. 120+ new CTE certificate programs have been developed by USHE institutions since 2011, as a result of direct collaboration with business and industry.
  4. 4. The median fifth-year wages for all individuals who earned a USHE CTE associate degree in 2014 was $70,753.
  5. 5. The median fifth-year wages for individuals who earned a USHE CTE associate degree in 2014 –and who did not earn a higher award prior to summer 2019—was $51,951.
  6. 6. The overall job placement rate for recent USHE CTE graduates is 89% (based on 2017-18 graduates, the most current year available for this data).
  7. 7. USHE CTE graduates contributed $2 billion in added income in 2018-19, generating over $290 million in added state taxes.
  8. 8. 19,821 high school students enrolled in concurrent CTE courses offered by USHE institutions during 2018-19.
  9. 9. 22,500+ CTE certificates and associate degrees were earned by USHE students over the last four years.

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