Utah Board of Higher Education considered and reduced tuition and fee proposals for several colleges

USHE technical education tuition and fees remain without increase.

The Utah Board of Higher Education considered tuition and general student fee adjustments requested by Utah’s colleges and universities on the second day of their two-day meeting, ultimately approving a 3.3% systemwide weighted average increase. Of the proposed tuition adjustments for USHE degree-granting institutions, the Board considered and reduced the proposed tuition and fee increases for several institutions, as seen in the table below.

All eight Utah System of Higher Education technical colleges and USHE’s three degree-granting institutions with a technical college role (Utah State University, Snow College and Salt Lake Community College) requested no technical education tuition and fee increases. 

“It was important for the Utah Board of Higher Education to see prudent tuition and fee requests from USHE institutions,” said Amanda Covington, chair of the Utah Board of Higher Education. “The Board conducted a rigorous review of the proposals and is focused on ensuring college is affordable and accessible for Utah students. We meticulously reviewed the tuition and fee requests to uphold our commitment and charge. Higher education delivers a significant return on investment for Utah students, and we recognize the precious dollars students contribute toward their training and education as they work to achieve their goals. Going forward, the Board asked the Commissioner’s office to work closely with the institutions to capture and evaluate cost reductions and additional efficiency measures as tuition and fee requests are made. Following the robust discussion with institution presidents and trustee chairs, the Board elected to amend or reduce some of the proposed tuition and fee increases.”

The following tuition and fee adjustments will go into effect for the 2024-25 academic year:

InstitutionPROPOSED Percent IncreaseAPPROVED Percent IncreaseAPPROVED Dollars* Increase
University of Utah3.29%3.29%$338
Utah State University3.21%3.06%$254
Weber State University2.61%2.61%$167
Southern Utah University2.85%2.85%$193
Utah Tech University4.09%3.82%$232
Utah Valley University4.27%3.80%$238
Salt Lake Community College4.96%3.98%$170
Snow College3.76%3.76%$157

*For a resident undergraduate student taking 15 credits per semester for two semesters
**Percentages and dollar increases may vary slightly from actuals due to rounding.

Each year following the legislative session, the Utah Board of Higher Education determines the amount of additional tuition necessary to meet the operating budget needs and help fulfill the missions of Utah’s public colleges and universities. Tuition rates are adjusted to meet the legislative requirement to fund compensation increases, mandatory costs, and other expenditures such as tenure and promotion of faculty and to cover other costs for student services, programs and more.

See all agenda items and materials from the March 22 Board meeting.

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