Utah College Application Week: 2014 events in photos

Utah College Application Week events occurred Nov. 10 – 21, 2014, at 49 partner schools throughout Utah. With help from community volunteers, college and university representatives, and school administration, these events gave over 20,000 Utah high school seniors the opportunity to apply to college during the school day.

Utah College Application Week (UCAW) was a huge success this year. With good leadership, teamwork and volunteers, it helped seniors all over the state realize their opportunities for a secondary education. In addition to banners displayed at each high school, local grocery stores and clinics across the county displayed promotional banners. UCAW was a community event, with a lot of partners involved.

“College Application Week started a cultural change on our campus. More students, especially first generation students, are talking about and applying for college than ever before.”

-Andrea Betts, College & Career Coordinator, Provo High School

“Our success in the first year of the implementation of UCAW was awesome!  University apparel was worn from all over the state, doors were decorated, and fight songs were blasted through the halls during class breaks.  There is no way all students in our high schools could have not known something big was happening at school during that week.”

-Jennifer, ICSD Secondary Education Director

Browse through the photos in the gallery below, or visit ushe.smugmug.com/Utah-College-Application-Week to view.

 “As a kid who has basically been on his own, college has not been on my radar.  When I did think about it the costs would always make me wonder if college was really for me. I am so grateful to this district for being so college focused. I have had so many different college representatives come and talk to my classes and let us know how it really is. Thanks to them and my teachers I now know what a FAFSA is and that there are lots of scholarships available. I also know that I will be able to apply for college during school hours during college application week.”

– Carlos Rivas, Utah High School Senior

“College Application Week has provided seniors with the support and structure they need to begin and complete the college application process. Attending college is now an attainable dream for many seniors who never dared to dream that big!”

-Pam Jacobsen, Counselor, Roy High School

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