You’ve Applied for the Regents’ Scholarship. Now what?

USHE_Regents_Scholarship_Higher_Ed_logoOver 4,000 high school seniors from across the state applied for the Regents’ Scholarship by the February 1st deadline. This week, they are busy sending in final documents so they can be fully considered for the scholarship.

The Regents’ Scholarship application process can be broken down into two parts: the initial review and the final review. During the initial review, all applications are carefully reviewed to determine if the student is on-track to meet all of the scholarship requirements.

Applicants who are deemed to be on-track are required to provide final documents verifying they have, in fact, met all the scholarship requirements once they graduated from high school. These documents are due July 1, 2015.

scholarship timeline

All applicants from the 2015 cohort received a letter detailing the outcome of the initial review. “On-track” students receive a letter containing requesting specific documents the student must submit by July 1, 2015. In general, students are required to submit the following:

  • Official high school transcripts from all sources where the student completed course work
  • Official college transcripts if college work was completed during grade 12
  • A copy of the ACT score (if the student’s score improved since submitting initial documents)
  • The scholarship Conditional Acceptance Form (must be signed to indicate the student is accepting the scholarship)
  • Proof of enrollment in 15 credits at an eligible institution for Fall semester 2015 (an application for deferment may be submitted in lieu of proof of enrollment—rules regarding the deferment process are found on

Questions regarding the Regents’ Scholarship? Please contact the Regents’ Scholarship office at 801-321-7159 or


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