10 takeaways from the NCES report: The Condition of Education 2016

The National Center for Education Statistics recently published its annual report, The Condition of Education 2016, which showcases national trends in education. Below are 10 higher education highlights from the report:  1. Employment outcomes vary by ethnicity/sex. 86% of all young adults ages 25-34 with a bachelor’s or higher degree were employed in 2014, yet employment outcomes differ by […]

New report highlights the costs of college remediation

A new analysis from the advocacy group Education Reform Now reports more than half of college freshmen—approximately one in four students who enter college the fall after high school graduation—had to enroll in remedial coursework during their first year of college. A “remedial” course, sometimes known as a “developmental” course, is one that covers material […]

USHE works to improve college completion rates

College educated citizens make Utah’s economy stronger. The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) wants to make sure that every student can get a meaningful credential in a timely manner. That means taking enough credits each semester, taking the right classes, and building upon strong academic preparation in high school. USHE recently released a report, College […]

USHE provides over 70% of Career and Technical Education in Utah

Career and Technical Education (CTE) consists of technical training and education in shorter intervals–from less than one year to two years–and prepares students for specific skills needed to enter the workforce. By providing over 70 percent of CTE in Utah, the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) plays a critical role in bringing CTE to all […]

National survey focuses on outcomes of new college graduates

A new survey of graduate outcomes on the graduating class of 2014 from over 200 U.S colleges and universities was released last week. Published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, this survey of over 274,000 graduates provides recent, relevant national data on the success of college graduates going into the workforce. Of the […]

Career and technical education report

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a key factor in meeting the needs of Utah’s economy. CTE includes a wide variety of for‐credit and non‐credit courses and programs that prepare students with specific occupational skills. CTE programs involve training for what are generally considered technical, high skill jobs such as automotive maintenance, welding, construction and […]

How many degrees and certificates do Utah colleges and universities award?

USHE awarded 31,741 degrees and certificates in 2012-13 (most recent data available), which amounts to about ¾ of all degrees and certificates awarded in Utah each year. The number of degrees and certificates awarded each year by Utah colleges and universities has increased 18% between 2008 and 2013 (most recent data available).  The following tables […]