Board Communications

Board Communications

Voice of the System

The voice & official spokesperson of the System is the Commissioner of Higher Education unless otherwise delegated.

Voice of the Board

The voice & official spokesperson of the Board of Higher Education is the Chair unless otherwise delegated.

Advocacy by Board members, with their contacts & positions on other boards, is crucial to helping further the cause of higher education & making college accessible to every Utah citizen.

  • As corporate and community leaders, Board members are uniquely positioned to
  • Communicate the value of the higher ed
  • Advocate higher ed within professional, social, and personal networks
  • Advance the System’s interests with policymakers at the state and federal levels.
  • Partnership and respect of System policies and procedures is essential.

**Board members should not develop their own agendas and engage audiences, including elected officials, without notice to the Commissioner or his or her designee.

Help Tell the USHE Story

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What to Post:

  • Board of Higher Education Initiatives
  • Reposts from @higheredutah, @USHECommr, and institutions
  • Trending topics in higher ed


  • Tagging @higheredutah & @USHECommr
  • Add the hashtags #USHE, #UThighered & #uted
  • For legislative updates use the hashtags #utpol & #utleg
  • Avoid negativity and responding to negative comments

What to do if a member of the public contacts you

  1. A member of the public reaches out with a concern to a Board member
  2. Board member alerts both the Board Chair and the Commissioner
  3. The Board Chair and Commissioner will decide if official Board action is needed.
  4. If yes, the issue will be sent to the Board.
  5. If no, the Commissioner’s staff will work with the member of the public.
  6. The Commissioner will keep the Board member updated on the status of the concern.

*Note: Remember to check your new USHE Board member email.

For more information, see Board bylaws.