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Talent Ready Utah


In 2018, Talent Ready Utah was legislatively created to be an industry-facing department within the then Governor’s Office of Economic Development (now Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity) to convene industry, education, state agencies, and other key stakeholders to create, expand, and align short-term and long-term workforce development solutions to the needs of industry. Talent Ready Utah manages and administers multiple targeted workforce development state appropriations through grants awarded to local education agencies (LEAs) and higher education institutions based on regional workforce needs that are data-driven and backed by industry.

On July 1, 2022, Talent Ready Utah was officially moved to the Utah System of Higher Education in the Office of the Commissioner. Talent Ready Utah now reports to the Commissioner of Higher Education. According to statute, Talent Ready Utah shall coordinate with the state’s Talent Board to;

  • Further education and industry alignment in the state;
  • Coordinate the development of new education programs that align with industry demand;
  • Coordinate or partner with other state agencies to administer grant programs;
  • Promote the inclusion of industry partners in education;
  • Provide outreach and information to employers regarding workforce programs and initiatives;
  • Develop and analyze stackable credential programs;
  • Determine efficiencies among workforce providers;
  • Map available workforce programs focusing on programs that successfully create high-paying jobs; and
  • Support initiatives of the Talent Board.

Talent Ready Utah Programs

Higher Education Workforce Programs

  • Utah Works
  • Learn and Work
  • Return to Work
  • Talent Ready Connections
  • Deep Tech / Emerging Tech
  • Healthcare Workforce Initiative
  • Targeted Workforce – Healthcare
  • Targeted Workforce – CS
  • Behavioral Health Technician
  • Life Science Workforce Initiative

K12 Workforce Programs

  • Utah Adopt-A-School
  • Computer Science Master Plan
  • Computer Science for Utah Grants
  • Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connections
  • TRU Work-based Learning Programs
    • Utah Aerospace Pathway
    • Utah Rotor Pathway
    • Utah Diesel Tech Pathway
    • Utah’s Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Pathway

Talent, Education, and Industry Alignment Board Charter



  1. Purpose

To provide Talent Ready Utah with strategic direction for workforce alignment with state educational partners. To provide oversite of TRU initiatives in working proactively with industry and state stakeholders to develop and implement short-term and long-term workforce programs. To direct and facilitate progress, performance, and effectiveness of programs involved with employment training and relative placements.

  1. Responsibilities

Ensure that workforce programs and alignment efforts are consistent with state workforce projections, are data-driven to target industries, and align with high-demand occupations. Make recommendations to the Utah Board of Higher Education and the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission regarding policy and funding requests to;

      • Coordinate the development of new education programs that align with industry;
      • Collaborate with other state agencies to administer grant programs;
      • Provide outreach and information to employers regarding workforce programs; and
      • Develop and analyze stackable credential programs and map workforce programs focused on successfully creating and supporting high-paying jobs.
      • Develop Talent Advisory Councils to support Talent Initiatives created by the UBHE.


  1. Composition

Governor’s Office

    • Deidre Henderson or designee — Lt. Governor
    • Neil Abercrombie — Governor’s Education Advisor


Legislative Members

    • Senator Ann Millner, Chair — Senate Member
    • Representative Jefferson Moss — House Member


State Agencies

    • Geoff Landward— USHE Commissioner
    • Ryan Starks or designee — Go Utah Executive Director
    • Casey Cameron or designee — DWS Executive Director
    • Margaret Busse or designee — Commerce Executive Director
    • Sydnee Dickson — USBE Superintendent
    • Jim Moss — USBE Board Member
    • Derek Miller — SLC Chamber President

Members of industry representing targeted clusters

    • Members to advise Talent Ready Utah on the current state and future state of talent needs from industry and regional perspectives.
    • Members will serve as ad-hoc co-chairs in Industry Alignment Workgroups.
      • Co-Chairs will facilitate industry engagements to identify areas of need for education and industry alignment.

Private Sector Members

    • Joshua Aikens — CPO, Zono’s – Southwest
    • Erin Casale — Customer, Qualtrics – Mountainland
    • Rick Allen — VP, BAE – Wasatch North
    • Chuck Taylor — CEO, Syberjet – Southwest
    • Jeff Neilson — CEO, Nelson Labs – Wasatch South
    • Will Clive — Chief of Staff, Pluralsight
    • Heather Brace — VP of HR, IHC – Statewide
    • Jake Hinkley — Director Workforce, Sunroc Statewide
    • Alison O’Mohany — VP, Seek Labs
    • Sidni Shorter — CEO, Black Chamber
    • Juan Pascua — Executive Director, Hispanic Chamber