Regents' Scholarship

Application Information for the Class of 2020

The application is now closed. Students should monitor their account and review any messages sent to their message center for additional information.

Students who receive a message indicating that they are on-track to earn the scholarship will be required to submit final transcripts and documentation regarding their enrollment plans for Fall 2020 by July 1. Each student has an individualized checklist in their account that is updated upon receipt of the required documents. Students should leverage this resource to know which documents are required and which documents have been received.

The documents below provide general guidance on what to submit by July 1.

Please note: Due to 2020 legislation, students can now also use the scholarship at the following private nonprofit Utah colleges and universities: Brigham Young University, Ensign College (formerly LDS Business College), Westminster College, and Western Governors University.

Students are notified of the outcome of the final review via the Message Center in their Regents’ Scholarship account. If the student is qualified, information will be provided to the college they are attending to evaluate the award amount the student may receive. The award is applied towards tuition and fees after other state aid has been awarded to the student. The maximum amount a student may receive is $1,000 per semester for up to 4 semesters, awards are calculated based on other state aid the student receives and where they attend college.

Students must maintain enrollment at an eligible college/university during the Fall and Spring semesters (Fall and Winter for those attending Brigham Young University and Ensign College). In order to receive an award disbursement students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits.

The Regents’ Scholarship may be used for up to four semesters, but expires five years from the student’s high school graduation date.

Students who receive an award disbursement are required to complete 12 credits each semester, maintaining a 3.0 semester GPA.

If you do not earn a 3.0 semester GPA you will be placed on probationary status; however, if you earn a semester GPA lower than a 3.0 for a second semester you will forfeit the scholarship. Students are still able to receive the Regents’ Scholarship while on probation.

The college you attend will automatically report enrollment and GPA information to the Regents’ Scholarship each semester. Students will not be required to turn in enrollment documentation to the Regents’ Scholarship to maintain their eligibility. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements will forfeit their Regents’ Scholarship and may have to return the scholarship funds.

Students who will not enroll in fall semester immediately after high school graduation must obtain an approved deferment from the Regents’ Scholarship office.

For students who do not continuously enroll in Fall and Spring (Winter for BYU and Ensign College) semesters, they must request a leave of absence from their college.

Each college sets their own deadlines and guidelines for requesting a leave of absence. You will need to work with the college to ensure you are meeting their requirements. Students who do not meet enrollment requirements and do not receive an approved deferment/leave of absence from their college will forfeit their eligibility to receive the Regents’ Scholarship.

If you file for a leave of absence or a deferment you are strongly encouraged to submit a Student Information Release Form to allow our office to release information to those you have authorized. This is helpful if someone is helping you manage your account. You are responsible for managing your account even while on a deferment or leave of absence. Be sure to check your account regularly or have an authorized person do it for you.

If you transfer colleges you need to notify the Regents’ Scholarship office prior to the start of the semester at their new college. You will also need to contact the financial aid offices of the college you are transferring from as well as the financial aid office of the college to which you are transferring. The Regents’ Scholarship office will assist you in transferring the scholarship.

Students from the class of 2020 can use the Regents’ Scholarship at the following institutions:

Utah System of Higher Education

  • Dixie State College
  • Salt Lake Community College
  • Snow College
  • Southern Utah University
  • Utah State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • University of Utah
  • Weber State University

Private-Non Profit Institutions

  • Brigham Young University
  • Ensign College (Previously LDS Business College)
  • Westminster College
  • Western Governors University

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