Tuition & fees at Utah’s public institutions remain among lowest in the country

The College Board released its annual Trends in College Pricing Report that provides trend analysis on tuition and higher education financing. The report compares 2016-17 tuition and fees by state. Utah has consistently ranked among the top states with the lowest tuition for 4-year public institutions.

In addition to having the lowest average student debt in the country, at $18,873, Utah’s public 4-year institutions rank 4th among the state for tuition and fees for 2016-17:

  1. Wyoming $5,060
  2. Florida $6,380
  3. Montana $6,410
  4. Utah $6,580

Average 2016-17 tuition & fees at public 4-year institutions by state


Click to enlarge (courtesy: College Board)

USHE institutions provide tuition and fee calculators for students to estimate their costs, which includes estimating financial aid they will receive. The 2016-17 USHE tuition and fees calculator is an excellent resource and provides links to each individual USHE institution’s net price calculator.

USHE institutions are among the most efficient institutions because they have some of the lowest expenditures per degree/certificate awarded in the country, as well as maintain relatively strong legislative support. Combined, this directly impacts the cost of college to Utah students through low tuition and low rates of student debt.

More information at the College Board.

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