Board of Regents approves tuition adjustments for Utah’s public colleges and universities

Tuition increases range from 0 to 5 percent

The Board of Regents has approved tuition increases ranging from 0 to 5 percent at Utah’s public colleges and universities on March 29, 2019, at its meeting at Salt Lake Community College—Miller Campus in Sandy. The breakdowns are below:

University of Utah$2563.2%
Utah State University$2063.25%
Utah State University - Eastern & Blanding Campuses$714.2%
Weber State University$982%
Southern Utah University$00%
Snow College$832.5%
Dixie State University$2235%
Utah Valley University$861.7%
Salt Lake Community College$672%

*For an in-state undergraduate student taking 15 credits per semester for two semesters

“Through this robust process, the Board of Regents has worked to consider the needs of our growing institutions while keeping tuition as affordable as possible for Utah students,” said Harris H. Simmons, chair of the Board of Regents. “This approved increase hits the right balance between those priorities. We appreciate the work and collaboration of our institutions, their trustees, and their student leaders in this process. We also thank the Utah Legislature for its support of higher education, which allows us to keep these increases as low as possible.”

On March 28, the president of each public higher education institution presented its proposed 2019-20 tuition adjustment to the Board. The Board also invited student and public feedback after the presentations. On March 29, the Board discussed the options for tuition adjustments during the Discussion and Committee of the Whole.

Each year following the legislative session, the Board of Regents determines the amount of additional tuition necessary to meet the operating budget needs and help fulfill the missions of Utah’s public colleges and universities. The tuition rates at Utah’s public colleges and universities are among the lowest in the country.

Last November, the Board of Regents adopted policy changes that simplified the tuition-setting process by eliminating the two-tiered tuition structure and bolstering the Board’s process to review and consider tuition proposals.

The Board also approved institutional student fee proposals for 2019-20.

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