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How to to successfully submit a FAFSA application.​

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It’s not too late. Applying to college is the first step to accessing federal financial aid. 


What is the FAFSA and why should I complete it? 


Before starting, you’ll need some information: 

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Are you having studentaid.gov account issues?

  • Contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243


Do you have general questions or need one-on-one support?


Do you need in-person help?

  • Contact your college financial aid office. Utah colleges are prepared to answer all your questions about programs, paying for college, and more!


What if my parent(s) don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN)?

Before submitting your FAFSA

Students can edit their FAFSA by logging into studentaid.gov, finding My Activity, and selecting their 2024-25 FAFSA.  

After submitting your FAFSA

Students must wait until their FAFSA has been processed before making a correction. Once you can make a correction, log in to your account, navigate to your FAFSA Submission Summary, and find FAFSA Form Answers next to Aid Eligibility and School Information. Here, you will see the option to make a correction on that FAFSA Form Answers page.

Additional Tips

  • Keep in mind they have a high volume of incoming calls and may be difficult to get ahold of. 

Get Started:

How do I know if I’ve signed up for a studentaid.gov account (FSA ID)? 

  • Try creating a new account to see if an existing one appears. Then use Forgot My Password or Forgot My Username to log in. If you still cannot access the existing account, call 1-800-433-3243. 

Who are FAFSA contributors? 

  • A student, the student’s spouse, and parent(s) (only biological or adoptive parents) are contributors.
  • Legal guardians, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or anyone else who is not listed above are not considered contributors and should not be invited to the FAFSA.

Additional Resources

What should I do if my parents aren’t willing to provide their information?  

  • We highly recommend talking to your parents about completing the form. Without their consent, you can only qualify for an Unsubsidized Student Loan, which accrues interest immediately.
  • Ask a financial aid office professional or counselor for help navigating these questions.  
  • If your parents will not provide information, you can still complete the FAFSA. However, you will need to indicate that you are applying for an Unsubsidized Student Loan only.

What do I do if my parents did not file their taxes? 

  • First, check if your parents were required to file their taxes based on income thresholds. To do this, review the IRS Publication 17, page 6, Table 1-1 to see the income cutoff for filing taxes.  
  • If your parents are required to file taxes but haven’t done so, you won’t qualify for any type of FAFSA aid, including unsubsidized loans, until they file their 2022 tax returns.

If I change my Date of Birth (DOB) on the FAFSA, will that change my submission date? 

  • Once you have submitted your FAFSA, the original submission date will not change.
  • If you make any corrections to your FAFSA, it will show an updated date, but the original submission date will still be on file.  
  • To change your DOB, you must edit your account on studentaid.gov, which shouldn’t affect your FAFSA. You cannot change your DOB in the FAFSA form itself.

What is the difference between In Progress, Submitted, and Processed on my FAFSA? 

  • In progress means contributors (students or parent(s)) are still working on the FAFSA or have yet to sign and submit the form. 
  • Submitted means the student and parent(s) have successfully signed their FAFSA, and the last person who signed clicked the “submit my FAFSA” button.
  • Processed means the Federal Student Aid submission and database checks have been completed. This data is then sent to the student’s college and university choices (and to USHE for state scholarship requirements).

What does the status of my FAFSA mean?

  • For the 2024–25 FAFSA form, the status of your application will be one of the following: 
    • Draft: Your section of the FAFSA form is incomplete. 
    • In Progress: You provided your consent, approval, and signature to your section of the FAFSA form, but the FAFSA form has not yet been submitted. 
    • Submitted or In Review: The FAFSA form was submitted but not processed yet. 
    • Action Required: The form is missing your consent and approval or signature. This can also mean the FAFSA form was processed, but needs a correction.
    • Processed: Your application was processed successfully. No further action is needed. 
    • Closed: Your FAFSA form was never submitted and can no longer be submitted because the deadline passed. 

What and where is my FAFSA Submission Summary
(formerly known as SAR)? 

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