In 2015-16, USHE awarded the most degrees ever in its history

The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) has tabulated the total degrees and certificates awarded annually by Utah’s public institutions. In 2015-16, the most recent complete academic year, USHE institutions awarded the most degrees ever in its history. The details of the certificate and degrees awarded data are available in the USHE Data Book, published […]

2017 Legislative Update – Week 5

2017-2018 Budget With revised revenue projections announced last week, significant budget decisions continue to loom before a final budget takes shape. There is still a lot of work on the budget as well as several bills that continue their march through the legislative process. Legislation of Interest HB 100, Institutions of Higher Education Disclosure Requirements […]

Need for mental health services increases across Utah, including on higher ed campuses

There’s been a marked increase in Utahns seeking mental health services in recent years. This increase is exacerbated by a shortage of mental health professionals in Utah, especially in rural areas, and difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified professionals. In fact, most states have serious shortage issues for mental health professionals. Along with general statewide growth, there […]

Improving college completion in Utah

Timely completion is one of three objectives the Board of Regents decided to focus on for their ten-year strategic plan. Only about two in five students in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) complete their degree within 150% of time (six years for a bachelor’s, three years for an associate). Increasing the number of […]

Regents establish working group on student mental health

The Board of Regents has appointed a special working group focused on student mental health at USHE institutions. The committee will be lead by Regents Pat Jones, Ty Aller, Jesselie Anderson, Mark Stoddard, and Nina Barnes. This action was part of a discussion facilitated by two Vice-Presidents of Student Affairs with the Board and USHE […]

Utah Scholars 2015-16 annual report

91% of eighth graders plan to attend college. However, statistics show, only about 50% of Utah high school students enroll in college after graduation. The Utah Scholars program is designed to increase the number of well-prepared students going on to college after high school by helping them set college goals before they get to high […]

Gift aid a significant factor in assisting students towards degree completion

Scholarships and grants play a significant role in how students pay for college. 54% of USHE students who enrolled in both fall and spring semesters in 2014-15 received some form of gift aid, averaging $4,070.23 per student—roughly 75% of the average tuition and fees at institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education. “Gift aid” is funds […]

New report takes aim at data-driven approaches to help college students succeed

Higher education leaders across the country have long-wrestled with improving student retention and degree completion. A new national report highlights the disparity between the intentions of college students and their often short-term impulses, especially during their first year of college. The report, from non-profit research organization ideas42, focuses on behavioral science—applying insights from psychology and […]

Improving teacher preparation: A K-20 partnership

Teacher preparation is a top issue among education leaders—not just for K-12, but for higher education as well. The issue rose to the top of several higher education issues at a recent roundtable event hosted by the Utah Business Magazine. Weber State University President Chuck Wight observed, “Right now we have 1,240 computer science majors, […]